Oxygen Man Books was formed in 2019 as a corollary to Planet X Publications, which was going on hiatus.

The first Kickstarter died aborning and those plans were scuttled for lack of funds. This cost the world books by S. L. Edwards and Calvin Demmer, which are so far unreleased, and an anthology which we will be reviving in 2021. Since then we have acquired a second ringmaster and run two successful Kickstarters.

OMB was originally conceived of as a vanity press but we swiftly branched out to include others’ work. We anticipate annual anthologies, additional charity work, and a line of chapbooks leading up to the first publication of the long-rumored CRAZYTOWN collection.

Our Mission

We will bring you the best fiction and poetry that we can get our hands on, within our budget, and we will emphasize the work of gifted newcomers and people of all colors and social preferences.

Our History

Previous works have helped to launch the careers of consistently publishing individuals in the related fields of horror and weird fiction, and we have also been fortunate enough to have published the work of previously established professionals.