Friends and other collaborators …

Duane Pesice is the owner and editor-in-chief. He is in the end responsible for everything that happens in the OMB world, but no man is an island and other folks have had a hand or tentacle in our doings.

Sarah Walker was responsible for the genesis and followup of the A Walk in a Darker Wood anthology. She does spectacular art.

Gordon B. White helped edit and process A Walk in a Darker Wood. His stories are justly celebrated and you should buy his book. You’ll find it at the bottom of the page.

Dan Sauer has done some design work for us, and we are fortunate in that. Dan seemingly does ALL the covers. There’s a reason for that — why not the best? He is also responsible for the fireman image in the header.

Russell Smeaton has done digital artwork for the covers of the Nightmares in Yellow books, for which we will be forever grateful.

He is also the author of a great many uncanny and humorous short stories.

Alan Sessler also provided artwork for A Walk in a Darker Wood. He has also done a lot of writing for us in the past and probably will do more if we catch him. He has a new book, which is at the bottom of this page.

Matthew St. Cyr is the author of our first book, and his sister Kate St Cyr Swanson did the charming artwork.